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25 Beautiful Homes Magazine Nov 2015

White House

 Despite the challenges of building a business through a recession, Stacey and Lisa built the family home of their dreams.

When Lisa and Stacey, who run their own successful company Pro-fit Windows and Doors in Somerset, were already enjoying  living in a house they had built themselves and were not looking for another home building project. However one day on a family day trip, they found themselves drawn to a new village location and by chance, discovered a plot of land with a vast garden. Lisa recalls her first visit to the property: “ Although the existing house was very run down and would need demolishing, our minds were made up as soon as we saw the location and garden,’ The couple both shared the same vision to create a beautiful, stylish and contemporary home from scratch for their young family. The new build was underway! 

A contemporary and light filled space.
The couple worked together with local architect Justin Paterson from BoonBrown, planning and designing their dream home. The layout and design for a spacious, light filled, 3 storey minimalist house soon came together. ‘Less rooms but larger spaces, clean lines and a white canvas is what we love,’ says Lisa. A house full of family and friends with loads of space to enjoy.’ Although the plans faced opposition from some of the locals, planning permission was finally granted after 6 months in November 2009. Lisa and Stacey, together with with their two children Jazdon now 11 and Honaya,10 rented a property nearby for the duration and work began in Spring 2010. 

Pool table from £1000, Mercury Leisure
The existing house was knocked down and having paid a considerable amount money to remove soil from the site, they had to pay for it to be returned to raise the foundations due to the water level. We faced many challenges recalls Lisa: ‘It was not good timing as the recession was hitting hard and whilst Stacey was working hard building up their business, he project managed and  worked along side contractors late into the evening in order to keep costs down.’ This became family life for quiet a considerable amount of time. Nevertheless the timber framed house, constructed partly from Blue Lias stone, cedar wood cladding and vast sliding double glazed windows and doors under a slate roof started to come together. ‘We fitted our own windows from our company which has given the property a unique feel,’ says Lisa.

Two way Sliding Aluminium doors by ranging from £7000, Pro-fit Windows ad Doors.    
Inspired by American homes, a centrally placed impressive glass stairway divides a large entrance hallway and landing. Stacey wanted the children to have large ensuite bedrooms and Lisa wanted dressing rooms. 

This room is a princesses dream bedroom where Honaya can enjoy the space and relax.

This fun and bright personalised football style room with bespoke built in wardrobes for lots of storage
‘Our children had an input into the their new home and helped choose their bathroom floors and wardrobes’, say Lisa, ‘it has made them appreciate the house more by being part of the process and seeing all the hard work that has gone into it.’ The stunning light filled kitchen/dining/family room with its extensive stylish Rot Punkt fitted kitchen and quartz work surfaces provides the family with open plan living, loads of storage and a
white pool table adds a sense of fun

Two way Sliding Aluminium doors by ranging from £7000, Pro-fit Windows ad Doors.     

Large floor to ceiling sliding doors lead out onto a fully equipped terrace where their family and friends can relax and enjoy another outside room.  Stacey ensured that A rated energy efficient tinted glass windows were fitted through out. Tinted for privacy and sun protection which keeps heat in and reflects the sun out,creating a cool environment and warmer environment in the winter. The vast open garden has been newly planted with trees and hedges for much privacy.

During the build, Lisa enjoyed putting together a mood board full of decorating and furnishing ideas.  One of the key features of the design was to create a white canvas, so they painted the entire house in Dulux Diamond white. Adding pops of colour here and there, such as the painting in the kitchen, help to lift and enhance the rooms. Despite the challenges they faced throughout the build, continually being able to tweak the plans and personalise the spaces was a definite on going benefit which they took advantage of. For example, they built a gym instead of a dark patio at the back of the house. A polished concrete floor with under floor heating covers most of the ground floor area and ‘although it isn’t cheap,’ says Lisa,’ it is durable, practical and stylish.’ She spent hours and hours on the internet sourcing furniture, lighting flooring furnishings etc’ 

Clever use of accent lighting and a purple sofa have introduced warm tones to the white walls.

This is a simple and bright bathroom with its high quality sanitary ware has a therapeutic and relaxing feel to it.

Chrome Towel rail, £300,  Plumbase.    
Three years on despite moments of despondency, frustration and sheer exhaustion the couple worked on until the day they could finally move into their newly built dream home in May 2013. ‘It was definitely worth it,’ says Lisa and referring to an inspirational word plaque in the downstairs cloakroom, ’some people want it to happen, some wish it , others make it happen!’

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